• Go to Admin Settings > Marketplace for CRM and search for WooCommerce

  • Click on the WooCommerce application and fill in your WooCommerce store URL

  • Once you enter the store URL, the system will ask you to approve the flow of information from WordPress to Freshmarketer. Click "Approve," and the installation will be complete

Note: You can connect only one WooCommerce store to your CRM. 

Note: It's necessary for the user integrating WooCommerce with Freshmarketer to hold administrative privileges on their WordPress account.  Without WordPress admin access, the user will encounter difficulties as Freshmarketer won't be able to import all necessary WooCommerce data into the CRM. Ensure you have the required access before initiating the integration process.

  • Once you complete the installation, click on "Download Plugin" to download the Freshmarketer zip file to your system.

  • Go to your WordPress account > Plugin> Upload Plugin. Choose the Freshmarketer zip file that you downloaded and click on install now. 

  • After installing the plugin, WordPress will ask you to activate the plugin. Click on "Activate Plugin" to complete the Freshmarketer plugin installation on WordPress. 

Note: This plugin is an essential part of the installation process. Without this plugin, you cannot use WooCommerce events (orders placed, abandoned cart, checkout started, etc.) for your marketing campaigns. Please ensure that you download the plugin and upload it to WordPress.