Clickpost is a logistics technology platform that helps e-commerce store owners streamline their shipping process and improve customer experience. Clickpost offers a range of features, such as real-time shipment tracking, automated courier allocation, and predictive analytics to optimize delivery times.

How to integrate Clickpost with Freshmarketer?

  • Go to Admin Settings > Integrations > Marketplace Apps. 

  • On the Marketplace page, you can search for Clickpost and find the application.

  • Select the app and click Install to view the integration settings page. Here, enter your e-commerce store domain.     

  • Once you press install, the application will be successfully set up and integrated with your account. 
  • After installation, please copy the Webhook URL from the application settings page or your email into the Clickpost dashboard


  • You must integrate your e-commerce store with Clickpost before installing the Clickpost application from the Freshworks marketplace
  • Once the event is sent, any changes in the product information (e.g., product name, product image) won't reflect in the event.

List of events & properties available as part of the Clickpost & Freshmarketer integration

Event Name (in CRM)
Event Properties
Note: There are two underscores here


Order Id



NDR Status Code

Reference Number

Order Type

Notification Id

Tracking Link


All the event properties will be available as 'placeholders' when you send out an SMS or a WhatsApp campaign. But for emails, you will not have the above event properties as merge tags. In the section below, we have explained how you can create tags when you send out an email to your customers. 

How do you enhance your customers' post-purchase experience with Freshmarketer & Clickpost integration?

  • Freshmarketer will automatically capture post-sale events from Clickpost, such as order(s) shipped, out for delivery, and delivery failed
  • Create and configure communication campaigns in Freshmarketer using the captured events
  • Choose the preferred communication channel(s) for your customers, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and chat

Let’s look at an example. As a store owner, you want to segment your customers based on order(s) in transit, out for delivery, and order(s) delivered.

Here is how you can execute this with the Freshmarketer & Clickpost integration:

  • Go to Segments > Create Segment > Fill in the name for your segment 
  • Click on add conditions, choose custom events, and choose the condition “Clickpost__OrderStatusReceieved” 

            Note: There are two underscores in the above Clickpost tags

  • Click on filter conditions, and choose either the Status condition or the Notification ID condition. If you choose status as the condition, you need to manually enter the condition you want to segment your customers by (List of conditions (Check the description in the below table) with the respective notification ID is given below). If you choose the notification ID, you can enter a numeric value. Each value has a respective status associated with it. 

  • Once you execute these conditions and click on save segment, the new segment will be created
  • Go to Journeys > Create Journey > Fill in the journey name 
  • Choose the trigger as “added to a segment” and choose the segment name 
  • Choose the action as “Send ” and choose the email from your email templates or create a new email that you want to send to the customer (e.g., The Email could be about the order is on the way or when the order will be delivered, or the order is delivered and how the customer feels about the experience. The same step can be applied to other channels (WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, etc.))


  • The event properties are available directly from the merge tag sections for SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. When setting up an email template, the event properties will not be available directly from the merge tag section. Below is an example of how you can include the event properties in an email template. 

  1. Go to Marketing Automation>Journey Emails

  2. Choose from any of the pre-defined templates or click on create from scratch

  3. Once you choose your template, use the below tags to pull the product name and the rating for the product. 

    1. {{event::Clickpost__OrderStatusReceived::order_id}} - To pull the status of the order

                    Note: There are two underscores in the above Clickpost tag.

  1. Click on save and next 

  2. Fill in the sender name, subject, subscription type, and pre-header for your email 

  3. Ensure that you add the footer details for your email 

  4. After you save your footer details, click on the publish button

  5. The email is now ready to be used as part of the marketing journey