Workflows allow you to automate repetitive actions when an event trigger occurs or at a specific date/time. You can automatically update field properties, send email alerts, create follow-up tasks, or connect apps using webhooks. 

With the test workflow feature, users can test a workflow to check if it works as expected while creating a new workflow or while auditing existing workflows. The test will check if the conditions match the record and if the actions are executing as expected. This way, users can identify if the conditions/actions need to be changed or updated. Test for workflows is available for workflows related to Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Meetings, and, Tasks.

To test a workflow, 

  1. Head over to Admin Settings > Teams and Territories > Workflows

  2. Create a workflow from scratch or edit a workflow template

  3. Click on the Test Workflow button

  4. Choose a sample record from the CRM

  1. The overlay displays the results of the test and confirms if the workflow will execute

  1. If the chosen record does not match the conditions, the workflow show the reason for the mismatch. Choose a different sample record or update the workflow conditions to work as expected.

  1. Update the workflow based on the outcome(error/success) and click on Enable to get the workflow started.

Once the workflow is successfully running, you can check the workflow performance using action history.

Note: The trigger for the workflow is checked only when the workflow is active. For example, if a contact workflow trigger is set as “when a record is created,” it will not execute for existing contacts as the records have already been created. However, the test will check the conditions and actions for all workflows.