Admins can set their preferred currency decimal value in the CRM. For example, $999.5678 will be displayed as $999.57 if you have set the currency decimal value as 2. Preferred decimal values help in the following scenarios:

  1. When a forex conversion is involved (say Deal value is defined in GBP, but the Base currency deal value is in USD)

  2. When computation happens on a number field. Eg. $99.99 + 17% tax = $116.9883

To change the currency decimal value,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Currency

  1. Under Select the number of decimal places, choose your desired value

  1. In the pop up that appears, click Yes

The change to the currency decimal setting will be reflected throughout the CRM. Some of the touchpoints include:

  1. Documents module

  1. Deal landing page

  1. Sales forecast

  1. Related contact

  1. Products module

  1. Deals module

1) Changes made to the currency decimal value will be reflected in the UI and not in the database.
2) The admin setting will apply to all users and can be changed by the admin.

Truncate and round up currency decimal values that help in better visualization and easier computation of values in the CRM.