Create lists to organize contacts and make it easy to add them to campaigns. You can create different lists by uploading contact files in CSV format. A contact can be part of multiple lists. 


To create a list:

  1. Click Contact > Marketing Lists

  2. Click the  button. This brings up a dialog box where you can provide your list a unique name.

  1. Click Import Contacts or Add Contacts. You can either import a Contact or opt to add existing contacts to a list.

  • Add Contact:  Add a single contact within the existing list. A new single contact can be added within the list by clicking on Add contact. This brings up the Add Contact overlay where you can add the contact.

  • Import Contact: You can import a list of contacts by clicking the Import contact button. This brings up the import overlay where you can import contacts into the CRM and into a specific list.

Moving existing contacts to a list:

You can also move existing contacts to a list. Here’s one of two ways in which you can move a contact to a list

  • From the Marketing List card on the Contact details page: Click the "Add to Lists" option on the Marketing Lists card on the contact details page. This brings up the overlay where you can search for Lists.

  • From the Edit fields section on the Contact details page: From the more(three-bullet icon) option, choose the EDIT FIELDS option. This brings up the EDIT CONTACT overlay. Scroll down to the marketing list field and choose the list to which your contact needs to be added.

  • From the Marketing Lists view: On the Marketing Lists view page, choose the contacts that you wish to add to the list. Click the “Move to List” button. This brings up the MOVE TO LIST dialog box.

  1. To add to an existing list, click Existing List. Click the dropdown and choose an existing list.

  2. To create a new list, click New List. Add a name to the list to create a new list.

Click Move. This adds the contacts to the list.  

Copy Contacts to an existing list:

You can copy contacts to an existing List. 

Removing contacts from an existing list: 


Click the icon. This brings up a dropdown where you can opt to Remove from the list.

It is not possible to delete a marketing list. You can rename existing lists and add/remove contacts as required.