The voicemail drop feature allows you to pre-record voicemail messages and use them during an outbound call.

Voicemail drop is useful if your team makes a lot of outbound calls. There may be times when the outbound calls are not answered and agents end up spending a lot of time recording and leaving the same voicemail message which is repetitive, monotonous, and time-consuming. Instead, your team can save your time using the voicemail drop feature to send pre-recorded messages with just one click.

User Requirements: Only an admin can add new voicemail messages. However, any user can use the pre-recorded messages while making outbound calls

How to upload a pre-recorded message?

To upload a pre-recorded message:

  1. Log in as an admin and go to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Voicemail Drop.
  2. Click New Voicemail Drop.
  3. Enter the message name.
  4.  Select how you want to create the message. The options are:
    1. Record: Click on the mike button to record a message in your voice.
    2. Upload: Use this option to upload a prerecorded message or music. Ensure that the file size is less than 5 MB.
    3. Text to speech: Type your message in the text box provided and select between male or female voice to play the text to speech message.
      Also, select the language in which you want to play the text to speech message.
  5. Click Add Voicemail.

How to use the voicemail drop feature?

You can use the voicemail drop feature when you make an outgoing call.

  1. During an ongoing call, click on the voicemail drop option available at the bottom of the conversation window.
  2. You will see the list of pre-recorded voicemail messages. Choose the message and click send.
  3. The message will be sent to the customer you called. Also, note that your call will end once you have hit send. 

Note: The voicemail drop will be visible only when you make an outbound call.