Freshcaller allows you to place callers in the wait queue from the call queue as a fallback option. You can set this to ensure that no calls are missed when agents are busy with other calls, not answering, or offline. 

When you place a caller in the wait queue, the call actions are triggered according to the wait queue settings. The caller is placed in the queue until the threshold time configured in the wait queue (For Max Time option) elapses. If the caller waits longer, they will be sent to the fallback (If Customer Waits Longer) option configured as shown below.

How are calls assigned to agents from wait queue?

The following points tell you how the calls are assigned to the available (online) agents from the wait queue.

  1. When the calls are sent to the wait queue and the agents are available, the call rings to all the available agents simultaneously. This is the expected behavior even if the call workflow is set to route calls to the most idle agents first.
  2. Multiple calls ring to the agents who are part of different queues. For instance, agent A belongs to the teams mapped to Queue 1, Queue 2, and Queue 3.  Suppose the wait queue contains calls from Queue 1, Queue 2, and Queue 3, respectively. In this case, once Agent A is available, all three calls will ring to the agent simultaneously. The agent can choose to answer any of the calls based on priority.
  3. If a wait queue has multiple calls from the same call queue, the call will ring to the agents based on the wait time. Only one call will be assigned per agent as the calls are from the same call queue. For example, if a wait queue has 3 calls from Queue 1 and agent A is a part of Queue 1, then, once agent A is available to take calls, only one call will ring to the agent, depending on the wait time.

When are calls not assigned to available agents from wait queue?

An agent may sometimes not attend calls due to various reasons. In this case, the agent could have just ignored the call by clicking on the Ignore button or the call could have timed out.

In this case, a particular call will not ring to the same agent again even though the agent’s status is available and the call will remain stagnant in the wait queue. This happens as the system considers the agent temporarily offline as the agent ignored the call or the call timed out. 

The agent must manually refresh their availability status to receive the same call again.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. On the top-right corner, click on the availability status drop-down.
  3. Switch the status from Available -> Offline -> Available.


In the same scenario, when a call has timed out or has been ignored by an Agent A, the call from the wait queue can ring to agent A:

  • If another incoming call is assigned to the same queue.
  • If the status of another agent (say Agent B) turns available or online.