Add signature blocks to document templates to generate quotes, proposals, NDAs and other documents you frequently use in your business and send them out for e-sign. Click here to know more about how you can create a document template. eSignature in Freshsales CPQ is powered by Dropbox Sign. The integration works natively and you don’t have to integrate the web application with a Dropbox account.

How to add a signature element to the document template?

To add a signature element to the document template,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Document Templates (Quotes).

  2. Create a new template or choose from the list of templates

  1. In the Document Template, under Template Settings drag-anddrop the signature element to the template.You can use the drag-and-drop the signature element from the right pane to add it as a separate section. If you want the signature element inside a table, use the signature placeholder in the toolbar at the top.

  1. In the ADD SIGNATURE DETAILS overlay, add a signature label to identify the signature. You can also choose a recipient from the contacts module or from the list of users in the CRM. You can also choose from an existing signature that you have used in the current template.

Note: Admins can add frequent signatories as recipients so a sales person does not have to enter the detail every time the template is used.

How to remove a signature element from the document template?

  1. Click the signature element that you want to remove

  2. In the Signature Settings overlay, click Remove signature

How to edit a signature element from the document template?

  1. Click the signature element that you want to remove

  2. In the Signature Settings overlay, click Edit signature

  1. In the ADD SIGNATURE DETAILS overlay, change signer details.

  1. You can also set the signing order from the signature settings pane



  1. Signing order lets you control the order in which your recipients receive and sign your documents.

  2. Signing order can also be set on the document template. The order set on the template would reflect for all documents generated from the template. Users can change the order on the document if they want to.

  3. If there is no signing order set, the default will be 1,2, 3 etc.,

How to add or edit recipients in the Document?

  1. Go to the deal linked to the document or the document list page

  1. Choose the recipient for the signature element from the Assign a recipient dropdown


  1. Click Send via Dropbox Sign.

  1. Add the Subject and message for the email to be sent. You can also add other recipients in the CC section. Click Preview and Send.


  1. You will receive a success message as the Document gets saved. In the Preview box that appears, you can check the field values for the signature elements and also reposition them if required. Click Send for Signature.


  1. You will receive a success message if the document was sent to the customer. Click See signing status to view the status of each recipient.

  1. Recipients should click on Review and Sign on the email they receive and add their eSignature if they approve the document.

  1. In the Dropbox Sign page that opens, click Click to Sign

  1.  You can use the cursor to draw the signature, type it in, upload as an image, or choose from a previously saved signature of yours.

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions to complete the signing process

 11. Click View Activity to view the activities related to the document

Once all recipients have signed the document, the document will move from Sent to Accepted state. If the quote is rejected, the note containing the rejection will also be captured in the CRM.