With User journey funnels, understand engagement and drop-off rates of users at each stage of a bot conversation flow.

With user journey funnels, you dialcan:

  • Optimize existing bot flows to reduce customer drop-offs 

  • Improve bot resolution rate by understanding customer behavior

  • Guide customers to the right solution faster


  • Using user journey funnels, a business can understand the type of support their customers require.

  • Let’s say refund queries are the most common type of query, by using user journey funnels, the business is able to view that there happens to be an 80% drop-off for the ‘refunds’ bot flow. 

  • The business decides to modify its bot flows to reduce the drop-off. After modifying the bot flows, they notice that drop-offs have decreased significantly, and customers are getting the help they need. 

How to use User journey funnels: 

  • Navigate to the bots module and click on the bot for which you’d like to analyze the user journey funnel. 

  • Under Analyze > User Journey Funnel, you can click on any dialog box to view the expanded user journey funnel. 

  • The filter option allows you to filter the duration for which you wish to view the user journey funnel. You can set the time period as: 

    • Previous Day 

    • Last 7 days 

    • Last 30 days

  • The percentages indicate the percentage of customers who choose that particular option, for example, 50% in the dialog box indicates that 50% of customers clicked on that bot option.

  • If ‘QnA suggested’ appears on the bot dialog — the bot matched the user’s query with a question and answer configured in the ‘Answers’ module of the bot. 

  • Free text inputs, email and phone numbers collected by the bot will be compiled and appear as a separate dialog box under 'User Dialog.' Individual responses for these types of inputs cannot be viewed using user journey funnel analytics. However, you can view what percentage of customers choose to input their phone number, email, or any other text.

Note: User journey funnels require that your bot is published and that customers have interacted with the bot. User journey funnels will provide data for only the last 30 days at any given point.


User dialog

User dialog refers to the input provided by the user while interacting with the bot. 

Bot dialog

Bot dialog refers to the response provided by the bot to the user. 


Drop-off indicates that the customer abandoned the bot conversation at that point, meaning they did not choose any option to continue the conversation. Drop-off will only appear for the user dialog, as only the user can abandon a conversation. Drop-off will always appear at the top of user dialog to help you analyze how many users are leaving the conversation.