You have to allowlist certain IPs from your end to ensure that we can serve you better from a security and performance perspective.

Add these IPs to your allowlist only in case you have any firewall restrictions and accept requests only from known IP ranges.

What does it mean?

We have made changes to the mechanism of routing external requests made from Freshdesk. External calls include all outgoing requests made from the Freshdesk application infrastructure, like requests made through API webhooks and custom integrations.

Why are we making this change?

We’re doing this to get a complete view of what external services Freshdesk is interacting with, and it will help us strengthen your security, performance, and reliability. This way, we can secure your systems from any intended security threats.

This applies to you only if:

  • You're triggering webhooks to an external API endpoint from Freshdesk.
  • You have a custom app that connects an external application with Freshdesk.
  • You're using a custom mail server configuration for fetching and delivering emails in Freshdesk.

IP addresses to be whitelisted irrespective of the region:



IPs to be added to the allowlist






Reach out to us at if you have any questions.