If you want to send CSAT surveys on WhatsApp, Email, and Instagram, please refer to this article.

Measure customer satisfaction with conversation ratings

Through conversation ratings, you can gather feedback from visitors and customers on their interactions with your team. When an agent resolves a conversation, you can send a simple survey to your users, asking them about their experience. You can do this by setting up CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Survey.

You can also report on the ratings to track your customers’ satisfaction and team performance. This will help you spot and reward your star performers while identifying opportunities to improve the quality of support your team provides. 

Here’s how it’ll look in the Freshchat conversations widget (web messenger),

Setup CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Survey

  • Go to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Workflows > Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Switch the toggle to Enabled
  • Add your survey question
    • The survey will be a five-star rating system
  • You can also get additional feedback by selecting the ‘Ask for additional feedback’ checkbox under Preferences

You can even set some criteria on when to send the survey:

  • You can configure the minimum number of messages a conversation needs to qualify for the survey

  • You can choose not to send the survey if your agent resolves (closes) the conversation, for example, one hour after the last customer message, or

  • Hide the survey if the user has not rated the conversation within 10 minutes since the survey prompt

Note: The survey question is limited to 100 characters.

Some actions you can take based on CSAT ratings

Make your unhappy customers happy

CSAT ratings will help you better understand customers’ experience with your team and provide the information you need to make your customers happy. For example, you can reach out to customers who have left a low rating on a conversation and help make their experience better. 

Motivate your team by setting targets

You should set rating targets for your team to ensure that most of your customers are happy with their support experience. For example, 5 or 4 can be considered a positive rating, and anything below can be considered negative.

Reward your team for consistently exceeding these targets and motivate them to deliver a more gratifying experience to your customers.