Once you sign up for your Freshchat account from the website, you will need to activate your account and set up a password. This allows us to verify your email and other details before you get started with your new Freshchat.

  • Login to your email account - make sure this is the same email you used to signup for Freshchat
  • You would have received a welcome email from Freshchat with details on how you can activate your account, recover your password (in case you've set and forgotten it), and other account-based information 
    • In case you haven't received it, try searching in the Spam folder
  • Once you activate your email, you will be taken to your Freshchat account 
  • Click on your profile picture (top-right) and then the pencil icon to set up your account details:
    • Work information: Your name, contact info, and job details
    • Personal details: Languages known, social media, and timezone
    • Security: Changing your password, two-factor authentication