As an administrator, you want to test out a new feature or a configuration. Consider an example where you want to explore a new workflow. You don’t want it to affect your users or customers before you thoroughly test out the feature.

Using Sandbox on Freshsales, you can now experiment with features and configurations without making any changes to your account. The Sandbox acts as a replica of your account with all necessary configurations. 

You can create only one Sandbox account at a time.

Note: You can create only one Sandox account at a time

How to create my Sandbox account?

  • Go to Admin Settings > Other SFA Settings > Sandbox.

- Only Org Admins can create a Sandbox.
- The Sandbox feature is unavailable for Trial accounts. Please upgrade your account to access Sandbox.  

  • Click the Build Sandbox button to create a new Sandbox instance. This could take a while, based on your account configurations. An email will be sent to all administrators once your sandbox becomes ready to use.

  • Hit the Go to Sandbox button to start testing configurations.

  • The admin settings from the current account will be automatically copied to the newly created sandbox account. Refer to the below section to see what gets copied. Account admins will receive an email on what records were copied from your production account to the sandbox account.

Who can use the Sandbox account?

By default, only Admin users can test the configurations and features on the Sandbox.

You can provide access to other users using Role permission settings. 

  • How to give access to Sandbox?
    Under roles in your Admin settings, choose the role that you’d like to provide the Sandbox access. Click on Manage Permissions>Admin Settings, and enable access to the Sandbox instance.

  • How to revoke access to Sandbox?
    Admins can revoke users' access to the Sandbox account by unchecking the above option. Users whose access is revoked will be denied access to the Sandbox account.

What gets copied into your Sandbox account?

  • Admin settings from your CRM(production) account
    • Contact fields - Default and custom fields
    • Sales account fields - Default and custom fields
    • Deals - Default and Custom fields fields
    • Roles - Default and Custom roles
    • Users
    • Field permissions
    • Deal Pipelines

  • Users
    • All users in your CRM(production) account will be created in your Sandbox
    • Sandbox Access Control
      • All users from your production account will be copied to your sandbox account
      • By default, sandbox is accessible to all Admins and Account admins and other users who can access Admin Settings. The invite email to access the sandbox account, is sent only to the above users.
      • You can add more users by enabling the Access sandbox option available inside your sandbox account.
      • You can also revoke users’ sandbox access at any time. This will not affect their access to the production account.
    • The maximum number of users on a Sandbox account can be up to twice the number of users in your production account

  • The following(existing) custom field information that is associated with Contacts, Sales Accounts, and Deals in your CRM(production) account:

    General Information  
    1. Name, 
    2. Internal name, 
    3. Type, 
    4. Tooltip, 
    5. Placeholder, 
    6. Group or subgroup data

    Field Properties
    1. Required
    2. Unique
    3. Quick add view
    4. Read Only data
    Field Types
    1. Text, text area, Number, checkbox, and Datepicker for Field types without choices 
    2. Dropdown, Multiselect, Radio button for Field types with choices
    3. Formula and return type of Formula fields

    Other Field Data
    1. The value of the choices for the fields 
    2. Related To data of Lookup fields
    3. Auto-number field configuration
    4. Hidden data 
    5. Field ordering

What does not get copied into your Sandbox account?

  • ALL Contacts/Accounts/Deals data will not be copied from the production account since they will likely have confidential information. However, you can still use the sample data that is pre-populated in your Sandbox account while creating.
  • The following settings cannot be copied from the production account:
    • Other CRM Data Migration
    • Account settings and User module
    • Plans and Billing
    • Workflows
    • Territory
    • Lifecycle stages
    • Integrations
    • Web Forms
    • Purchased Phone Numbers
    • Phone Credits
    • Notification Settings
    • Marketplace Custom Apps
      • By default, marketplace custom apps are not copied. However, you can clone custom apps and recreate them in your Sandbox account to do any testing.

  • You can test features and admin configurations on your sandbox account, but any changes made will not be copied back to your CRM(production) account. Similarly, new users created in your Sandbox account will not be reflected on your production account.
  • You can also manually add contacts to your Sandbox with csv import. These contacts can be used for testing purposes.

How to access your sandbox account?

  • Navigate to Admin Settings and click on Sandbox under other SFA settings.

  • You will see a banner at the top of your screen indicating whether you are in your Sandbox or Production account.

How to delete your Sandbox account?

  • From Admin Settings, navigate to Sandbox and click on Delete Sandbox. All test data and integration data available in the account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


  • Once your Sandbox account is deleted, access will be revoked from all CRM users.
  • You can, however, create a new Sandbox account from Admin settings in your CRM(production) account.

Note:  We recommend keeping the sandbox active only during the testing phases. You can always rebuild your sandbox from the Sandbox page.