What is Gong?

Gong is the conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. Gong records, transcribes, and analyses every sales call so customers can scale the effectiveness of their sales conversations.

What is Freshsales and Gong integration?

This integration will facilitate a two-way data sync between Freshsales and Gong. This app version will help sales team members use Gong UI within Freshsales Suite. The customer will see the list of calls and recordings from Gong associated with Freshsales Deals, Contacts, and Accounts in the respective records.

Note: Gong to Freshsales data sync is available on the Enterprise plan.

How is this integration helpful?

Sales teams convert more of their pipeline into revenue by displaying the team's sales conversations. It showcases what the customers and sales representatives are discussing and helps improve the value of the discussions to ensure more deals are closed.

Prerequisites for Freshsales and Gong integration:

  1. Gong should be integrated with the web conferencing tool. Click here to learn the list of web conferencing tools that Gong supports.

Note: For this article, the web conferencing tool will be Zoom

  1. Users in Freshsales should also be part of Gong. 

To integrate Freshsales with Gong,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps

  1. Search for ‘Gong’ using the search bar

  2. On the Configuration page, under Settings, enter the email address used to sign in to Gong

  3. Click Next

  4. Under Authenticate Gong Account, enter the following values:

    1. Gong access key

    2. Gong access secret


Note: To get the above values in Gong,

Go to Gong > Dev > Manage your apps > Click MANAGE APPS button

Copy the access key (client ID) and access secret from here

  1. Click Connect

  2. Enter the Gong Username and email address. 

  3. Enter Freshsales domain information and API key

  4. Click ValidationImage


All meetings created in Freshsales will be recorded in Gong if the following criteria are met: 

  1. Freshsales and Gong are integrated

  2. Gong and Zoom are integrated

To view Gong information for a Contact/Account/Deal,

  1. Go to the details section of a record (Eg.Contact)l and click on the Gong icon

  2. On the Authorization pop-up box, click Authorize

Note: This is required every 24 hours for Gong to send and receive data from Freshsales

  1. Calls related to the contact can be accessed now


Note: Calls associated with accounts and deals will be available in the respective records.

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can view all recordings (irrespective of the module) in the Gong Calls custom module. The following custom attributes will be synced with Freshales under Gong Calls.

  • Trackers

    • Name of Tracker

    • Count

  • Competitor

    • Name of Competitors

    • Count

  • Call Information

    • Duration

    • Participants

    • Title

    • Phone number

    • Email address

  • Action Items

    • Snippet

    • Start time of snippet

    • End time of snippet

    • Speaker name


Data Sync

Frequency of sync is every 30 minutes. This means whenever data is recorded in Gong, the recording will be available in Freshsales only after the next data sync. Historical data sync from Freshsales to Gong will be from 30 minutes before integration.

The following fields should be available for each module for data sync between both apps:


  • Name

  • Domain


  •  AccountId

  •  Email Address

  •  First name

  •  Last name


  • Account Id

  • Owner Id

  • name

  • Created Date

  • Estimated Close Date

  • Estimated Amount 

CRM data mapping

Association of CRM data with individual calls is handled by Gong AI. This means, when data is pushed from Freshsales to Gong, based on the email address and phone numbers of the records in the CRM, Gong will add the recording to the relevant CRM records. You can change this association manually in Gong.  

Automatic task creation in Freshsales

In every Zoom meeting, there will be action items called out. Once the call recording is available in Gong, Gong will look for these keywords and define the action items. The action items will be passed to Freshsales. In Freshsales, tasks will be created in a completed status with the particular action items and call recording link.