When the Shopify integration is successfully set up, you can view Shopify-related information in the Agent Inbox. The agent can perform a set of actions related to the orders on the CRM which will be completed on the Shopify platform.

When an order is placed, the agent can view the order ID, number, and status of the order along with the financial status which indicates if the order is paid or unpaid. Once the order is shipped, the tracking URL will be available for each line item in the order. 

The following statusesare displayed for the for an order: Order status, Payment status and Fulfillment status and Status fields:

1. Order Status 

The order was placed or created. There is work to do for the order, which can include processing payment, fulfilling, or processing returns.
The order was manually or automatically archived.
The order was canceled. If a canceled order was not fully refunded, then there might be work remaining for the order.

2.Financial status

PaidThe payment has been completed


The payments are pending

Partially Paid

The payment has been partially made

Partially refunded

The payment have been partially refunded


The payment have been fully refunded


When unpaid orders are canceled

3. Fulfilment status



When order is entirely fulfilled

Partially Fulfilled

When order is partially fulfilled


When order is not fulfilled on placement of order

Ready for pickup

The shipment is ready for pickup at a shipping deposit.

Arriving on <date, month, year>

When the item has been shipped and expected to deliver

Out for delivery

The shipment is being delivered to its final destination 

What happens when an order is partially paid?

If a customer orders 5 items and completes the payment for only 3, the financial status is marked as partially paid. When the items are partially delivered, the status is marked as partially fulfilled. 

What are the actions an agent can perform on an order?

When a customer conversation related to an order is assigned to an agent, they have two CTAs available—cancel and refund. 

  1. Cancel

The agent can choose to cancel an order for the customer from the Agent Inbox. This option is available for orders that have not been delivered yet. Once the agent selects the order , they can choose the reason for cancellation; the options are pre-filled from Shopify. A cancellation summary is displayed and upon confirmation, the items are canceled. Currently partial items cancellation is not supported. Only an entire order can be canceled. 

  1. Refund

The refund option is available only for orders which have been prepaid. For delivered orders, the customer will have to ship the product back to the business. Once the item has been received at the center, the agent can initiate a refund for the amount of the order. For orders pending payment, customers can proceed directly with cancelation. 

Here are some cancelation and refund scenarios that can be fulfilled on the CRM: 

  1. Order cancelation without refund

If the payment for the order is pending or unpaid, the agent can only cancel the order; the refund option will not be available.

  1. Order cancellation with refund

If the payment for the order was completed, the agent can cancel and refund the chosen amount to the customer in one click.

  1. When a refund is required but no return is applicable

For certain items, there might be a no-return policy. However, stores can offer a refund to the customer if they face an issue with the item. In such cases, the agent can initiate a refund right away without waiting for the item to reach the center.

Note: All changes are synced in real-time with the Shopify store. The changes can be viewed on the activity timeline on the contact profile. You can also trigger multichannel campaigns to send confirmation of refund/cancellation.