With the Agent Inbox, you can manage incoming messages across different channels—email, SMS, website chat, WhatsApp, ABC—in one place. It provides a comprehensive view of customers’ purchase history, device property, and other custom properties. 

On the left pane, you can view conversations across different channels. Click on a conversation to view it. The conversation history will be saved and will show up for 30 days on free accounts and indefinitely for paid accounts. 

  • For all conversations, agents can choose from canned responses and FAQs to reply to the user. They can also send images/files as part of their response. 

  • Agents can use the Private Note functionality to add a note for their team to give context about the conversation. This note will not be visible to the user. Private notes appear in yellow bubbles.

  • If a visitor starts a chat conversation from the website, the chat window is active for 24 hours. Any messages after that open a new conversation. 

  • For WhatsApp conversations, the conversation is open for 24 hours from the last message from the contact. If 24 hours have passed, the agent will not be able to respond to the conversation without a prompt from the user.

On the right pane, you can view the user info including conversation properties, device properties and other custom properties based on the account. If the Shopify integration is enabled with the CRM account, you can also view information about the user’s past orders. 

The following conversation and device properties are available on the right pane: 

Conversation properties:

  • Conversation initiated from

  • Last message from

Device properties

1. WEB

  • Browser version

  • OS

  • Browser


  • OS 

  • OS Version

  • OS Version Code

  • SDK Version Code


  • IP

  • Last seen    

  • Created

  • Sessions

  • Push Notifications Enabled

Views for conversations and custom view

Choose from default views to easily access conversations that are New, Assigned to Me, All Assigned, Resolved, and between Bot Conversations. 

You can also set up custom views which will filter conversations based on topics, status, and team member. 

Note: You can set up chat campaigns using the Chat Campaigns feature. To respond to incoming messages, you will require access to the Agent Inbox.