Connect your existing Instagram Business accounts with Freshchat and start engaging with your customers. Supported by the Freshworks Neo platform’s Messaging API, this integration will enable you to send and receive Instagram direct messages from within Freshchat. You can respond to story replies, direct messages, and comments and deploy bots to support your customers effectively.

Business benefits of the Freshchat - Instagram DM integration: 

  • Enjoy a hassle-free setup experience with no additional app downloads or integrations
  • Be available for your customers on their channel of choice and provide conversational support experiences. 
  • Improve productivity by empowering your agents to reply with context.
  • Deploy bots and automate replies to support round-the-clock.

Capabilities offered:

Messaging formats

Send text, emoji, images, audio & video attachments. 

Get notified whenever there is an interaction: when a customer sends a direct message, mentions your business in their story, replies to a story, or comments on your post.
Retrieve conversation history from your Instagram inbox in Freshchat.
User Profile
Get access to relevant customer information and reply with context.
Private Notes
Send private notes to colleagues to collaborate on tickets.
Canned responses
Start with “/” to choose a pre-defined response. Canned responses can include text, images, emojis, and more. links
Redirect users to a conversation on Instagram using Meta’s shortened URL service.



  • An active Instagram Business account with a Facebook page connected to it. 
  • An active paid subscription with Freshchat. 
  • You must be the administrator. 
  • To manage messages over the API, you must enable message control (refer to the screenshot below).
  • Enable Message Control Connected Tools Settings

Connecting your Instagram page to Freshchat

Connect your Instagram Business account with Freshchat with the following steps:

  • Navigate to Admin Settings > Instagram > Add Account.

  • You will be redirected to the Facebook login page, where you sign in to your Instagram Business account.

  • Authorize (Freshchat) Freshworks to access your Instagram DM by clicking Continue.

  • Select the Instagram Business accounts you want to connect to your Freshchat. You can select up to 50 accounts.

Note: Please note the Instagram Business account must have a Facebook page connected to it,

  • Choose the Business Pages (linked to your Instagram Business account) you want to connect with your Freshchat account. 

  • Configure permissions to enable the integration. 

  • You can now start supporting your Instagram customers from Freshchat.

Freshchat by Freshworks now integrates with Instagram DM. This integration, supported by the Freshworks Neo platform’s Messaging API, will enable your business to connect up to 50 Instagram Business accounts and support customers in real-time. 

Assigning Instagram conversations to your Agent Groups:

Once you have set up your account, you can use the ‘topic’ assigned to each Instagram Business account and automatically route tickets to agent groups or bots. 

Using this integration, your support agents can

  1. Get notified about customer comments on your post, story replies & story mentions, and direct messages within Freshchat. They can support with context and respond to comments, story replies, and direct messages.
  2. Attach images, videos & audio notes (as file attachments).
  3. Emote with emojis & message reactions (coming soon) in replies.  
  4. Send private notes to a team member or add canned responses.
  5. Deploy bots to automatically handle common & repetitive queries - at any time of the day.

1. Get notified about direct messages and comments on your post:

2. Get notified about story replies and story mentions:

3. Add a private note or reply with a canned response:

4. Attach images, send emojis, use message reactions (coming soon), and more!

5. Deploying bots on Instagram: 

  • Navigate to Bots > Create a new bot > select Instagram as the channel.