Workflow Templates consist of a set of pre-designed action flows that can help you automate the most common business activity without needing to set up a workflow from scratch.

For example, some of the most common use cases for setting up a workflow would be sending email reminders to sales owners whenever a new prospect is assigned or creating a follow-up task whenever a new deal is added to their pipeline. 

With Workflows, these commonly executed business processes are templatized and made easy to access. As a user, you can simply choose a template that suits your requirement and enable it at the click of a button. You can also customize a template with additional actions to suit your specific business needs.


How to enable workflow templates for my business?

1. Go to Admin Settings > Teams and Territories > Workflows. On the Workflows page, you can find all workflows templates listed.

2. Click Preview on the required workflow. This opens up the workflow configuration page. 

3. You can edit the workflow conditions as required or click on Enable to have the workflow start executing right away.