Filtering custom object Records

You can filter records based on the fields created. Let’s say as an admin, you’d like to understand how many orders have been delivered, you can do so by using the Filter options available on the custom object record page. You can also use a custom object record to filter native object records. For example, you can use the ‘Order ID’ on the Tickets page to fetch all tickets associated with that order. 

A quick guide to filtering custom object records:

  • Click the Filter icon on the top right of the page

  • Use the search box to view the list of fields, and select Order status

  • Enter the value as Delivered and hit Apply

  • You can now see a list of all orders that have been delivered 

Searching for custom object records

Let’s say as an agent, you want to view more details apart from the ones displayed on the custom widget. There are two ways in which you can search for a particular record using the Primary Field - in our example - the Order ID.  

From the Records page within the custom object

Input the order ID into the Search field of the Records page. The relevant record will then pop up with associated fields. You can click on any record to view further details, where all the information on that particular record will be displayed. 

Using the global search bar

You can also search for records using the global search box available in the top bar. Input the Order ID into the search bar and the relevant record will be listed under the ‘Others’ tab. You can click on the record to view further details. 

Deleting custom object records

You can select and delete individual records as needed, or you can also bulk delete them. 

A quick guide to deleting custom object records:

  • Use the check box to select the record you want to delete

  • The Delete icon will be displayed on top of all the records

  • Click on the check box next to the icon to delete all records, or individually select the records you want to delete

  • Hit Delete and confirm

Here is a small video to help you understand how you can manage custom object records in Freshdesk:

Deleting a custom object

You can delete a custom object only after deleting all of its records. 

A quick guide to deleting a custom object:

  • Use the bulk delete option to delete all records within the custom object

  • Once that is done, on the Custom Objects page, you will see three buttons beside each object - Edit, View, and Delete

  • Use the Delete button to delete the custom object entirely

1. For Freshdesk, Custom Objects is available only for ticket-specific use cases. If you have a contact-specific use case, reach out to us at
2. For Freshdesk Omnichannel, CUstom objects is available only for ticket-specific use cases. It will be made available for all use cases tentatively by the end of August.