You can add record types to the conditions available in both classic and smart sales sequences.

To add record types to a Sales Sequence,

  1. Choose the module to which you want to add the sequence. For example: Contacts

  2. Enable Add contacts to sequence

  3. Choose Add by conditions from the dropdown

  4. Click Add or edit conditions

  1. In the ADD CONDITION overlay, choose the contact property as record type to include record types in Sales Sequences.

  1. You can add record types to step conditions. Click on any of the steps to add conditions.

  1. In the ADD CONDITIONS overlay, you can include record types

  1. You can also add record types in exit conditions


  1. Users can use only editable or read-only record types in the conditions sections in sales sequences

  2. If a record type is used in conditions in a sales sequence and later the scope of that record type is changed to ‘hidden’ for your role, you will not be able to edit the sales sequence. 

What happens on downgrade?

For new sales sequences, 

The record type field will not be available under conditions

For existing sales sequences,

For all the conditions where the record type field is used, the field selection will be cleared. Other conditions will remain as is.