While creating a classic form, you can select the record type in which all the records will get created when visitors/prospects fill the form.

To select a record type in a classic form,

  1. Choose the record type from the ‘Select contact type’ dropdown (based on the record being created)

  1. The default selection will be the default record type. However, the user can select any other editable or read-only record type.

Based on the Record Type chosen, the fields that appear in the webform will change. For example, a 'vendor' record type can have a different set of fields compared to a 'customer' record type. The field properties will also differ. For example, the 'customer' record type can have the 'first name' as a mandatory/required field, while the 'vendor' record type can have the first name as a non-required field.

What happens when I delete a Record type that I previously used in webform?

When you delete a record type that you used during the creation of a webform, the default record type will be used as the record type of the form. 

What happens to webforms on Downgrade?

The drop-down to select the record type will not be available. Previously selected fields will still be retained.