With the integration of Freshsales and Freshdesk, tickets are synced in real-time.


How to view the list of tickets in the CRM

To view Freshdesk tickets,

  1. Go to the Contact details page

  1. Scroll to Contact details > Tickets. All tickets related to the contact/account will be shown here

Note: From the Account details page, you can filter tickets by contact, account, and status.

How to create tickets?

To create a ticket, click on the Add ticket button

You will be redirected to Freshdesk in a new tab. Here, you can fill in the ticket information.

How to view ticket information and add notes?

Click on a ticket to view the conversations between the support agent and the customer.

You can also add private notes.


Users in the CRM, that aren't already agents in Freshdesk, will have a Freshsales agent role in Freshdesk by default

Admins can remove users from the Agents page under Freshsales agent tab, if users should not be able to view Freshdesk tickets.

Click here to learn more about roles and privileges for agents in Freshsales


- How long do tickets take to sync between Freshsales and Freshdesk?

By default, the sync happens only every 12 hours. The after the sync has happened, it might take 30 to 45 minutes for the new data to get pulled in. If you wish to sync inbetween the set 12 hours, you can click on the Sync data now.

- Where can I find the synced tickets?

Once you've configured the integration with Freshdesk, the tickets of a contact can be found in the "Freshdesk" section under your contacts details page. Please note that the tickets would sync contact to contact and not to the accounts module.

- My tickets don't sync, what could be the issue?

If your tickets are not syncing to the contacts, make sure 'Sync tickets' toggle is toggled on your integration's settings. 

- We need sync the freshdesk to freshsales, but in marketplace apps, we can't find the proper app.

The older application has been deprecated from Freshsales' marketplace apps. You will find it under Admin settings -> Sync contacts and accounts instead. 

To sync tickets, you need to integrate this from Admin settings -> Create tasks and tickets.

- How can I disconnect my Freshdesk integration?

You will find your Freshdesk integration under Admin settings -> Sync contacts and accounts and Create tasks and tickets.

You can choose to disconnect the integration from the same page.