1. How does the bot pick up the font and format in the conversation?

The font style of the messages in the chat conversation will be picked up based on the website font style. You can also modify the look and feel of the widget from the Customize page. Depending on your choice of deployment options, the actual customizations available will be different. 


2. How to avoid accidental changes to bot flows?

You don't have to worry about accidental changes to your bot flows after publishing them. Once published, we do not allow any edits to the current version of your bot to ensure no issues occur with the current working bot flow. To make any changes to a published bot, you will need to unpublish the bot, make a new version, make the desired changes, and publish it again. Only bots that are in the draft state can be edited. 


3. What are the various bot states?

Draft: A WIP version of the chatbot is only visible to you, as it has never been published. You can still edit the draft version of the bot. Usually, the latest version of the chatbot will generally be the draft version before it gets published.


Published: The version of the chatbot that customers can interact with. A bot can have only one published version at a time. You can no longer edit the bot while it is published. It needs to be unpublished and a new draft version needs to be created for editing. But if you've used the bot script anywhere, it automatically loads the latest published version.


Unpublished: A version of the chatbot that was once published but rolled back. This bot is not visible to customers, nor can it be edited. A new version has to be created to edit the bot.


4. Does the bot builder store customer information?

The unified bot builder is used to only build bots in your account. It doesn't store information about the customer. However, any conversations that your customers or site visitors have with the bot can be accessed from the Conversations menu in the bot builder. This will also include certain customer information that was shared during the conversation.

5. Can a flow be deleted?

To avoid accidentally deleting a flow, we only allow you to archive a flow, which can be unarchived at any point in time. However, you can choose to delete the individual dialogs in the flow, make them private, or make them inactive.

6. Is the API library common to all bots?

No, the API library is specific to each bot and can be seen inside the respective bot builder.


7. What are the various properties available?

We offer a large number of default properties that you can use as placeholders. You can also define your own custom properties while you build the bot as well.


8. What is NLP?

NLP stands for Natural Language processing. It is used as a machine learning parameter for Freddy AI.

9. When does the Hello flow get triggered?

The Hello flow is the first flow to get triggered for a bot unless you set up specific conditions for a user to skip the Hello Flow.