Workflows help you automate certain actions in your business process to boost your team’s productivity. You can set up advanced workflows that execute IF and AND conditions as groups. Here's an example 

Create a workflow to send emails to customers based on the specific sales owners and field properties.

Set up a workflow that looks for conditions specific to sales owners and then execute them. 

For example, let us consider that you want to set up a workflow to re-assign high value contacts who are mapped to James and John to another agent to increases conversions for the month. But within this list you want to target only those that John has assigned a tag as "High value" while James has assigned them a tag as "Promising". You can set up an advanced logic to execute this. Here's how: 

A. Sales Owner = John

B. Priority = High Value 

C. Sales Owner = James

D. Type = Promising

Condition: ((A AND B) OR (C AND D)) 

Group A(Sales Owner = “John” AND Priority = “High Value”) 


Group B(Sales Owner = “James” AND Type = “Promising”)

Action: Add Tag, Re-assign to new sales owner 


  1. The Email Status field(available under the contacts module) can not be used as a trigger in the workflow.
  2. Time-based workflows(daily/weekly/monthly trigger) do not have the Advanced conditions option in the workflows.