The Freddy AI view displays deals in a kanban view grouped by predictions. This makes it easier for salespeople to focus on specific deal predictions, for instance, at-risk deals and manage their pipeline better. 

How can I get Freddy Deal Insights enabled on my account?

Freddy requires sufficient data to be present in the account to start providing accurate predictions. For accounts that match the below eligibility criteria, Freddy evaluates the quality of the data for

a) a good number of closed-won deals and 

b) a good win ratio 

The accounts which pass both criteria are automatically enabled with Deal insights. The tags will be based on both the account information and the general learning model available to Freddy.

Understanding the Freddy AI View:

The pipeline is organized based on the Freddy deal tag. The Freddy view contains the following elements: 

  • Deal color/tag: The color of the bubble depends on the tag assigned to the deal. Based on predictions, Freddy assigns one of the following tags to deals:

Likely to Close

Deals that have a high probability of closing


Deals that have seen a spike in activity in recent times and are likely to proceed towards closure if more attention is paid.

At Risk

Deals that have seen a dip in activity in recent times and are at risk of being lost unless corrective action is taken.

Gone Cold

Deals that are unresponsive and have a low chance of revival.


Deals that are neither trending or at risk


Deals that are marked as closed won


Deals that are marked as closed lost

  • Filters and save as views: Apply filters to the Freddy view to narrow down on a list of deals and save them as custom views for easy access.

  • Deal insights card: Click the deal title to open the deal insights card. The card gives an overview of the recent performance of the deal and shows how the deal is performing, sales activities performed on the deal in the last 30 days, and suggests the next best action that can be carried out on the deal.

  • Deal stage change: Update deal stage from the dropdown on the deal card. You can also search for deals and switch to a different pipeline. 

View Won/Lost deals:

In the Freddy AI view, you will be able to view the Closed- Won and Closed-lost deals by doing the below:

1. Select Won and Lost in Deal prediction filter to display the columns

2. Select Won and Lost in Deal stage filter to display the data.

We are introducing Deal Insights Lite with which accounts with a lesser number of deals can also get Freddy insights.