Looking to switch from Freshmarketer Classic to its upgraded counterparts? We’ve listed down some of the commonly asked questions that will help you understand the migration process better:

  1. Why should I migrate my Freshmarketer Classic account to Freshmarketer?

With the new Freshmarketer, you get access to features that are not available on the Classic version. These include:

  • Landing Pages

  • Timezone based delivery, 

  • Sender info personalization

  • Caller Journey blocks and more.

In the new Freshmarketer, we have introduced marketing contacts - the billing is based on the usage and not the storage of contacts. You can store as many contacts as you want and pay only for the contacts which are part of the marketing campaigns.

Freshmarketer also offers higher email limits across all plans.

All future releases are planned for Freshmarketer and will not be available on Freshmarketer Classic. These include Facebook Lead Ads, Social Media Posts, Account-Based Marketing, and more.

  1. Is migration mandatory? Can I continue using my Freshmarketer Classic account without migrating?

It is not mandatory but we encourage all customers to move to the new and improved product.  We will be releasing new and exciting features only in the new product and it will not be available in Freshmarketer Classic.

  1. How do I initiate a migration request?

You can raise a ticket on our support portal or write to us at support@freshmarketer.com

  1. How will my account be migrated?

A clone of your existing Freshmarketer Classic account is created and will be moved into the new Freshmarketer account. Your current Freshmarketer account remains undisturbed and will continue to serve as your production account until you are ready to make the switch to your new CRM account.

The new Freshmarketer account will be in a trial state for 21 days after the migration. Customers are advised to switch to this account within this time period.

Note: Any new data created on your Freshmarketer Classic account after the cloning process will have to be moved into the newly created Freshmarketer account by the customer.

  1. What plan will I fall under when I migrate to the upgraded Freshmarketer?

You will be mapped based on your Freshmarketer plan. Here are the details:

Freshmarketer Plan

Migrated Plan



Garden - Monthly

Freshmarketer - Pro Monthly*

Estate - Monthly

Freshmarketer - Enterprise Monthly

Garden - Annual    

Freshmarketer - Pro Annual*

Estate - Annual

Freshmarketer - Enterprise Annual

Garden - Monthly (CRO)    

Freshmarketer - Growth Monthly*

Estate - Monthly (CRO)

Freshmarketer - Growth Monthly*

Garden - Annual (CRO)

Freshmarketer - Growth Annual*

    * Customers whose pricing exceeds that of the migrated plan will be upgraded to the next tier at no additional cost. Click here to know more about the features offered in each plan(Freshmarketer).

  1. Are there any additional costs that I have to bear to migrate to the new Freshmarketer?

    No, you will be migrated to the default plan mapping shared above at no additional cost. Once migrated, your current pricing is grandfathered, so you can continue enjoying Freshmarketer's extended capabilities. The new pricing comes into effect only when you choose to upgrade/downgrade your newly migrated Freshmarketer account.

For more details, visit our pricing page.

  1. Will all my data in my Freshmarketer account be migrated?

    Yes, all data in your core Freshmarketer instance will be migrated. This also includes contacts, segments, lists, journeys, custom events, etc.  We will also be migrating email conversations, tasks, appointments, call logs, and chat conversations attached to the record.

  2. Will there be any data loss in my account during/after the migration?

    There will be no data loss in your existing Freshmarketer account. 

  3. I currently use both Freshsales and Freshmarketer. How will I be migrated?

    A customer with a Freshsales and Freshmarketer account in the same org will be migrated to the same Freshsales Suite instance.

  • There will be no feature loss in your Freshsales Suite account.

  • All your users from your Freshsales Classic and Freshmarketer Classic accounts will be migrated to Freshsales Suite. You will not be charged for the Freshmarketer users during the migration. However, any agent addition post-migration in your account (irrespective of the user being marketing only) will be charged.

  • Your Freshsales account will be migrated first, followed by Freshmarketer. Field mapping of Freshmarketer contacts to Freshsales Suite will be sought as customer input with precedence at every field level.

  • New contacts will be created if the email id does not match. Freshmarketer contacts will be merged to Freshsales Suite contacts if the email id matches.

  • Fields will be overwritten based on precedence shared. If Freshmarketer has higher precedence, its field value will overwrite the available data from Freshsales’ data.

  1. Will there be any service disruption during the migration process?

    Since this is an out-of-place migration, 
    there will not be any service disruption, and you can continue using your existing Freshmarketer account.

  2. What steps do I need to take to ensure that my newly migrated Freshmarketer account is business-ready?

    After the migration is complete, only the account admin will have access to the newly created account. All outgoing emails will be disabled. Ongoing Journeys will also not be executed.

    • Enable outgoing emails by writing to us at support@freshmarketer.com 

    • Add new DNS records to not impact your email deliverability. Follow the instructions mentioned here to verify your domain.

    • Make changes to API integrations so it can start talking to the new instance. API integrations with leads need to be changed so it can talk to contacts instead.

    • Set up Website Chat and Website tracking in Freshmarketer. You will have to manually update the JavaScript code in your website and web apps to enable website tracking or webchat in the new Freshmarketer instance.

    • Switch billing over to the newly migrated Freshmarketer account, Write to us at crm-support@freshworks.com and we’ll have this sorted for you.

    12. Can I go back to my old account after the migration is complete?

    Yes, you can go back to your existing Freshmarketer production account within 21 days of the migration.