Looking to switch from Freshsales Classic/Freshmarketer Classic to their upgraded counterparts? We’ve listed down some of the commonly asked questions that will help you understand the migration process better:

  1. What is Freshsales Suite, and why should I migrate my Freshsales/Freshmarketer Classic account to Freshsales Suite?

    Freshsales Suite is an AI-powered customer relationship management solution that combines the power of sales CRM, marketing automation, chat, and telephony in a single, comprehensive solution. Built on the next-generation customer engagement platform, it acts as a single source of truth and provides a 360° view of a customer by capturing and combining all of their marketing, sales, and service interactions in one place. 

    Learn more about Freshsales Suite here

  2. Is migration mandatory? Can I continue using my Freshsales Classic / Freshmarketer Classic account without migrating?

    You can choose not to migrate from your existing account. However, we encourage all customers to move to the new and improved product(s) due to better capabilities offered by the latter.

  3. How do I initiate a migration request?

    You can raise a ticket on our support portal or write to us at support@freshsales.io/ support@freshmarketer.com

  4. How will my account be migrated?

    A clone of your existing Freshsales account is created and will be moved into the new Freshsales Suite account. Your current Freshsales account remains undisturbed and will continue to serve as your production account until you are ready to make the switch to your new CRM account.

    The Freshsales Suite account will be in a trial state for 21 days after the migration. Customers are advised to switch to this account within this time period.

    Note: Any new data created on your Freshsales account after the cloning process will have to be moved into the newly created Freshsales Suite account by the customer.

  5. What plan will I fall under when I migrate to the upgraded CRM?

    You will be mapped based on your Freshsales/Freshmarketer plan. Here are the details:

    Freshsales Plan

    Migrated Plan
    Freshsales Suite Free Plan
    Blossom - Monthly
    Freshsales Suite - Growth Monthly*
    Garden - Monthly
    Freshsales Suite - Growth Monthly*
    Estate - Monthly Freshsales Suite - Pro Monthly*
    Forest - Monthly
    Freshsales Suite - Enterprise*
    Blossom - Annual
    Freshsales Suite - Growth Annual*
    Garden - AnnualFreshsales Suite - Growth Annual*
    Estate - Annual

    Freshsales Suite - Pro Annual*

    Forest - Annual
    Freshsales Suite  - Enterprise Annual
    * Customers whose pricing exceeds that of the migrated plan will be upgraded to the next tier at no additional cost

    Click here to know more about the features offered in each plan(Freshsales Suite).

    Freshmarketer Plan

    Migrated Plan



    Garden - Monthly

    Freshmarketer - Pro Monthly*

    Estate - Monthly

    Freshmarketer - Enterprise Monthly

    Garden - Annual

    Freshmarketer - Pro Annual*

    Estate - Annual

    Freshmarketer - Enterprise Annual

    Garden - Monthly (CRO)

    Freshmarketer - Growth Monthly*

    Estate - Monthly (CRO)

    Freshmarketer - Growth Monthly*

    Garden - Annual (CRO)    

    Freshmarketer - Growth Annual*

    * Customers whose pricing exceeds that of the migrated plan will be upgraded to the next tier at no additional cost

    Click here to know more about the features offered in each plan(Freshmarketer).

  6. Are there any additional costs that I have to bear to migrate to Freshsales Suite?

    No, you will be migrated to the default plan mapping shared above at no additional cost. Once migrated, your current pricing is grandfathered, so you can continue enjoying Freshsales Suite’s extended capabilities. The new pricing comes into effect only when you choose to upgrade/downgrade your newly migrated Freshsales Suite account.

    For more details, visit our pricing page.

  7. Will all my data in my Freshsales account be migrated?

    Yes, all data in your core Freshsales instance will be migrated. This also includes configurations like Workflows, Users, LCAD records & their timeline activity.  We will also be migrating email conversations, tasks, appointments, call logs, and chat conversations attached to the record.

  8. Will there be any data loss in my account during/after the migration?

    There will be no data loss in your existing Freshsales/Freshmarketer account. However, if you’ve connected Freshconnect with your Freshsales account, your conversations will not be retrieved, since Freshconnect integration is now deprecated.

  9. The Leads module in Freshsales Suite is missing. How will my Lead data in Freshsales be migrated?

    Your Leads will be converted to contacts, accounts & deals based on the lead conversion mapping available in your account. 

    To successfully bring in Leads into your Freshsales Suite account, we’d require the below inputs:

    - Information on whether your leads need to be merged to contacts based on email/phone number match or if you prefer retaining your duplicate leads as such. It is best to think about your unique identifier when you move over to Freshsales Suite.
    - Verification of your lead conversion settings (Please make sure that every field in the lead module is mapped to a field in contacts/accounts/deals module)
    - You can choose to specify a different stage in an existing deal pipeline or a new deal pipeline for the deals created from the lead records.

    Once we have the above information in place, all lead data and its associated configurations will be migrated as per below:

    - Your leads will be converted to contacts, related account , related deal based on lead conversion mapping provided. The leads will be automatically placed in lifecycle stage lead.
    - All Sales Sequences, Workflows, and Webforms will be migrated. The rules will be converted to operate on contacts with the lifecycle stage *lead*.
    - All territory rules on leads will be converted to auto-assignment rules on contacts with the lifecycle stage *lead*.
    - All lead filters and lead timeline events will be migrated.
    - Lead scores will no longer be valid. We will use ML-based contact scoring instead.
    - Leads with deactivated user set as the owner will be unassigned during migration
    - If there are lead fields mapped to non-contact fields that are being used in Workflows, Sales Sequences, Territory rules, Webforms, etc., these rules will not be migrated.

  10. I currently use both Freshsales and Freshmarketer. How will I be migrated?

    A customer with a Freshsales Classic and Freshmarketer Classic account in the same org will be migrated to the same Freshsales Suite instance.
    - There will be no feature loss in your Freshsales Suite account.
    - All your users from your Freshsales Classic and Freshmarketer Classic accounts will be migrated to Freshsales Suite. - - You will not be charged for the Freshmarketer users during the migration. However, any agent addition post-migration in your account (irrespective of the user being marketing only) will be charged.
    - Your Freshsales account will be migrated first, followed by Freshmarketer. Field mapping of Freshmarketer contacts to Freshsales Suite will be sought as customer input with precedence at every field level.
    - New contacts will be created if the email id does not match. Freshmarketer contacts will be merged to Freshsales Suite contacts if the email id matches.
    - Fields will be overwritten based on precedence shared. If Freshmarketer has higher precedence, its field value will overwrite the available data from Freshsales’ data.

  11. Will there be any service disruption during the migration process?

    Since this is an out-of-place migration, there will not be any service disruption, and you can continue using your existing Freshsales/Freshmarketer Classic account.

  12. What steps do I need to take to ensure that my newly migrated Freshsales Suite account is business-ready?

    After the migration is complete, all outgoing emails will be disabled. Sales sequences, Workflows, and Journeys will also not be executed.
    - Enable outgoing emails by writing to us at support@freshsales.io
    - Add new DNS records to not impact your email deliverability. Follow the instructions mentioned here to verify your domain.
    - Reconnect your inbox and make changes to your sales email forwarding settings once you are ready to make the switch.
    - For custom apps, we suggest planning to rebuild them to work with Freshsales Suite prior to migration. Please note that external apps will not be migrated, and the customer will have to take care of this.
    - Make changes to API integrations so it can start talking to the new CRM instance. API integrations with leads need to be changed so it can talk to contacts instead.
    - Reports & dashboards will not be auto-created. Freshsales Suite provides analytics where the customer post-migration can re-create the reports.
    - Set up Website Chat in Freshsales Suite. If you use the existing Freshchat integration, you will have to manually reconfigure chat post-migration in the new Freshsales Suite Chat instance.
    - Freshsales Suite comes with its own caller functionality, which will have to be manually reconfigured by the customer post-migration.
    - Switch billing over to the newly migrated Freshsales Suite account, Write to us at crm-support@freshworks.com and we’ll have this sorted for you.

  13. What happens to the marketplace apps that I use currently with my Freshsales Classic account?

    Apps will not be migrated automatically. However, the majority of marketplace apps of Freshsales are also supported in Freshsales Suite. This has to be manually installed post-migration by the customer.

    For custom apps, we suggest planning to rebuild them to work with Freshsales Suite prior to migration. Please note that external apps will not be migrated, and the customer will have to take care of this.