The Facebook lead ads integration helps you to automatically bring in the leads from your Facebook forms into the CRM.


How to connect Facebook pages to the web application?

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Lead Gen from Social Media

  1. On the Lead Gen from Social Media page, click Connect Facebook account

  1. Select the pages to be synced and allow the necessary permissions for the web application to:

    1. Manage your ads

    2. Manage your business

    3. Manage your pages

    4. Show a list of the pages you manage

    5. Access leads for your pages

  2. You will be able to see your account information under the Accounts tab once the connection is successful.

1. A user who is connecting the web application with the Facebook page should be an admin of the Facebook page.
2, It is recommended to grant access to all the necessary permissions for the connection to be successful

How to add forms and map form fields to the web application?

  1. Click Add forms

  1. In the Add Facebook forms overlay, select the page and the respective form.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Map Facebook form fields to Contact fields in the web application.

Note: All required fields needed to create a contact should be mapped.

  1. Click Add and select new form

  2. On successful mapping, the newly added form will have the ‘Added’ label near it.

  1. The new form will now show under the Forms tab

How to disconnect a Facebook account from the web application?

To disconnect an account,

  1. In the Lead Gen from Social page, under the Accounts tab, click the delete icon near the account name.

  1. In the pop-up box that appears, click Yes

  1. You can now connect the CRM to another account of your choice