This article provides guidance on expanding the content of your landing page by incorporating additional pages.

  1. On the Landing Page builder, click the button on the top left corner of your new/previously published landing page. This brings up the pages menu.

  2. You can do one of the following:

    • Optimize your page: Choose Optimize. This brings up the Pages Settings dialog box. You can optimize your page for SEO by modifying the slug of your landing page and also adding a description. Additionally, you can also make the page crawlable for search engines to be able to index them.

    • Duplicate the page: Create a duplicate of the page with all the page elements cloned.  

    • Delete the page: You can choose to delete the page if it no longer serves your business needs or is part of an expired campaign.

    • Add a new page: Click to create a new landing page.

  3. Click for the changes to take effect.