Once your Landing Page has been published, the next step is to use it to convert visitors into prospects and turn them into customers eventually. If your Landing Page has a form, then you can track all form sign-ups and segment contacts who have entered your system via the landing page.

Here’s how you can segment contacts who have interacted with your Landing Page:

  • Segments: With Segments, you can create a list of users who can be selected from your entire contact list based on specific properties. Your web application allows you to segment those contacts who entered your system through a Landing Page form submission. This allows you to filter them out specifically when sending an Email Campaign or setting up a journey and target them with personalized content to improve your conversions. To learn how to set up a segment, refer to this article.

    In this case, you can create a segment based on the Landing Page criteria and review the contacts who have submitted the form on your landing page.

  • Journeys: With journeys you can set up an automated workflow that can target all prospects who entered your system via a landing page. Your web application offers you Triggers and Condition blocks that allow you to set up a path in your journey for prospects who made a form submit on your landing page. To learn how to set up a journey, refer to this article.