You can add products to a document as part of the pricing table. Please note that the product information has to be configured before creating the document. 

When you create a new document, the products associated with a deal get auto-populated in the Products/Services section. 

You can add more products to the deal from the Products/Services section in the document. To add products, follow the below steps:

  1. You can create a document in three ways: 
    1. Head over to the related Products section in the left panel on a deal's Overview page and click on Add Quote. 
    2. Navigate to the related Quotes section on the deal landing page and click on Create quote. 
    3. Head over to the Documents module list page and click on Add document. 
    4. Click on the Quick-add option (+ icon) on the top right corner and click Add Quote.
  2. Fill in the document name and choose the document type and template. If you have not created a document template, here’s how you can create one.
  3. Enter the deal name. The Account and Primary Contact values are populated from the Deal record. Click Save.
  4. Click on the “Add or edit products” option on the pricing table.

  5. Search for the required product/s. You can also filter available products based on the product category.
  6. Enter the Billing Cycle, Quantity, and Discount value. The total value will display the computed value of the product/s with the applied discount. Click Save! The selected products are now visible on your document.