In the web application, you can sync a deal with a document to ensure that any update made on one record reflects on the other. This two-way sync helps users save time spent manually updating records and also avoid missing out on any updates. 

How to sync a document with a deal

You can sync a document with a deal from the Quotes edit page. 

  1. Access quotes from the Quotes icon in the left pane on the deal page.
  2. In the Quote edit page, enable the Sync quote with the deal toggle. 
  3. In the dialog box that opens up, click Sync now. 
  4. The products associated with the deal will be automatically updated with the products listed in the document. Any updates to the products on the deal and vice-versa will be automatically synced with the document.
  5. You can also sync a quote to a deal directly from the three-dot menu in the Quotes section on a deal's page.
  6. Once synced, the quote in the deal page has a Synced tag assigned to it. 
  7. You can also view the synced quote in the Products icon on the left pane of the deal page.


  • The deal value becomes a read-only field when a deal is synced with a document. 
  • At a time, only one document can be synced with a deal.