Using the integration tool Segment, you may gather consumer information from a variety of client touchpoints, including the web, servers, cloud apps, and mobile devices. Once the data has been gathered, Segment transmits it to the web application (the intended recipient), enabling you to record all of your prospects and significant customer actions in the web application.

Now that these connections are prioritized, your sales representatives can contact them and close more transactions.

How to integrate the web application and Segment?

To integrate the web application with Segment,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps

  2. Search for the Segment App

  1. Click Install

  1. Click Connect to Segment

  1. Log in to Segment using Segment credentials

  1. Authorize the web application to access the related source in Segment

  1. Upon successful integration, you will see the name of your workspace under the Segment App.

 Alternatively, you can Add this integration from the Contact scoring page:
Navigate to Admin Settings > Leads, Contacts, & Accounts > Contact Scoring. Here, you can choose to Integrate with Segment:

How to check if the events from Segment are received in the web application?

  1. In Segment, under Destinations, choose the web application

  1. Under the Event tester tab, send a track event from Segment to a contact in the web application

  1. The event will be recorded in the activities timeline for the respective contact