Jira software is a powerful work management tool used for requirements and test case management, bug and issue tracking, and more. With the web application-Jira integration, you can now create a Jira issue from the web application, link existing issues, and more.

To integrate Jira with the web application:

  1. Login to the web application

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps

  1. In the search bar, type ‘Jira’ and choose Atlassian Jira. The Jira App in the Marketplace appears.

  2. Click Install under the Atlassian Jira logo.

  3. In the Configuration page under the Account Configuration tab, provide your web application's account URL and the API key.

  1. Under the Jira Account Configuration  provide your Jira Domain URL, Email linked to the Jira account and the API key and click the Verify Jira Account button.


  • To find the web application's API key:

    • Click the Profile icon > Settings > API Settings

    • Complete the captcha and copy the API key

  • To copy the Jira API key,

    • Click the Profile icon > Account Settings > Security > Create and Manage API tokens

    • Click the Create API token button > Assign a label and click the Create button

  1. Fill in the following sections:

    1. ‘Select the Jira issue fields to be displayed once the Jira issue is linked to your web application's account or deal’ - You have the option to choose the Jira fields to be displayed under the related deal or account. For example Last Viewed, Watchers, Images, Created Sprint, etc. 

    2. ’Jira projects to be displayed while creating Jira issues’ - You can specify the projects in Jira that will show up while creating an issue in the web application.

    3. Associate the web application's record link to Jira issue field

  2. Click Install

Once you have integrated both the products, you will be able to see Jira as an option under the Integration section of all the deals and accounts in the web application. You can also filter the issues by their respective status.

Click the three dots icon to the right of a linked issue to view the issue in Jira, add comments and attachments, and also to unlink the issue from the deal or account.

On the Accounts landing page, you also have the option to fetch all the associated Jira tickets of the respective account or the account and its related deals.