The functioning of your poll widget is crucial for your polls to be effective. Your web application helps you utilize the poll widget per your web page structure to increase the number of poll takers.

Minimize poll

Some of your website visitors might answer the poll immediately, while others may not answer the poll at that moment. By minimizing the poll, a user can answer the poll later.

Example: Polls having questions like:

  • Did you find this article useful?

  • Did you find what you are looking for, on this page?

  • Is our pricing plan clear?

Questions of the above nature can be answered only upon reading the existing page content. When a poll carrying such a question is triggered, the user can minimize the poll and answer them, when he/she is likely to give.

Submitting response

Your web application allows users to add multiple questions for a single poll and every response is passed to our servers. The answer to each question is submitted by clicking on the Next button. Instant responses and reports are displayed for your poll.

Logic jumps in polls

Your web application provides a logical jump option in polls, which allows you to customize the order of the questions in a poll and also allows you to define which question to appear next depending upon the response received from the site’s visitors. 

For example, in a poll, a question demands the respondent to choose from one of the two options (radio button) when visitor A chooses 1st option, the poll will take him to the next question. But if visitor A chooses 2nd option, then a “Thank you for taking our poll” message is shown. 

Where can we use Logic jump option?

All 5 question types available in your web application polls have the following options for navigation:

  • Next: This option lets the visitors to answer questions in sequential order.

  • Thank you message: This option flashes a “Thank You” message to the visitor.

  • A specific question: This option takes the visitor to a specific question other than the next immediate question.

The Logic jump option is applicable only for the Radio button and Net Promoter Score question types. You can set up complex questions with logical jumps at your convenience and make the poll more intelligent and interactive.

The following is a working flow chart of a sample poll containing logic jumps to help you quickly understand how the respondents travel through the poll.