Targeted Messages (for logged-in customers)

Engage your customers with contextual Targeted Messages at the right moment. 

You can send Targeted Messages for onboarding new users, lifecycle marketing, getting feedback from customers, or making announcements like product updates. Targeted Messages are great to engage users and encourage them to take action when they’re using your product. 

Create Targeted Message

You can create a new Targeted message in a few minutes. Click on the Marketing Automation icon in the left menu bar, then select Chat Campaigns > New Campaigns > Targeted Messages > Compose message.

Give a meaningful name to your Targeted Campaign.

Pick a team member

The first step is to pick a team member who will receive the replies if any. This will help your customers connect to the right experts in your team and your team to conversations they’re best at handling.

Write your Targeted Message

Next, compose your Targeted Message. You can also add emojis, images, gifs, and even videos to make it more engaging.

For example, you can add a personalized touch to welcome messages by onboarding new customers with a warm welcoming gif instead of plain text.

While you are composing your message, you can see a preview of how it’ll appear to your customers on web/mobile app on the right.

Send your message on the right Topic

Choose the right Topic on which you want to launch your Targeted Message. This will make your message more contextual. Any replies sent will be assigned to the Chat Group (your team) mapped to the Topic. This will help you route leads to the right team.

Schedule your message

You can launch your Targeted Message immediately or schedule it for later. 

Target the right users

Create the right target audience for your Targeted Message. Next, add a rule or combine multiple rules with 'and' and 'or' filters for a more powerful audience targeting.

For example, ‘Total sessions’, the number of times a user has visited your website. You can create a Targeted Message to proactively ask users who have visited your website often if they need any help.

Note: You can also filter based on events and custom attributes that are specific to your business. But you’ll need to set them up first.

Launch your Targeted Message

You’re now ready to launch your message! 

Note: Anyone on your website/app who is logged-in will get Targeted Message.

Important note

  • Targeted Messages are one-time messages sent to a selected user segment. So you cannot edit, disable or delete Targeted Messages once you launch it. However, if you have scheduled a Targeted Message for a later point in time, then you can cancel it before the scheduled date/time.

  • You can clone a Targeted Message anytime to create a similar Targeted Message by clicking on the drop-down next to the message.

Measure your Targeted Message performance

You can track the status of all your Targeted Messages and sent, seen, and reply rate for each message on the Targeted Messages pages.