Did you know that you can help improve your agent productivity with Freddy? You can use the Assist Bot to offer contextual help to your agents while they resolve tickets and go a step further with Auto Triage, which can automatically update ticket properties to save tons of time and multiple clicks for your agents. Here's how you can help your agents improve their productivity with a bit of help from Freddy.

Freddy Starter features are available for free with the Forest plan. All features mentioned in this solution article included with Freddy Starter 

Freddy Assist Bot

Sometimes, your agents may not be equipped with the right responses to all questions, or maybe, you’re looking to offer more consistent responses across all your communication with your customers. Whatever be the reason, you can help your agents provide consistent responses and faster resolution.

The Assist bot, powered by Freddy AI, lets you create guides to onboard agents faster, ensures consistency in agent responses, boosts agent morale by enabling them to resolve tickets faster and with context. You can set up conditional flows inside Freshdesk for every issue type that you support. Your agents can trigger the relevant flows through the Freshconnect widget. The Assist Bot also understands the channel in which the agent is working on, like chat, call, or ticket to provide contextual assistance.

Learn more about the Assist Bot here

Freddy Auto Triage

Agents spend a lot of time classifying each ticket. They go through the different values for each ticket property for each ticket, and this adds up to a lot. You can take this repetitive, mundane task off your agent's hands and allow them to focus on providing a better experience for your customers.

Auto Triage, powered by Freddy, auto-classifies incoming tickets. Agents can choose to apply, modify, or reject these suggestions.

While this is helpful for your agents. your customers will no longer need to wait for a resolution, saving them hours of frustration, while you've saved the time that your agents would have spent in repeatedly responding with the same set of solutions to a series of tickets.

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