Use the deal timeline view to segment their deals based on the expected closed date. Predict revenue and also focus on only the deals for a given month.

Here’s everything you need to know about the deal timeline view:

  • Understanding the deal timeline view
    The deal timeline view segregates deals based on the expected close date. This enables sales representatives to pay attention to those deals that are expected to close in a particular month/quarter. Each deal in a particular column is assigned one of three tags- Won, Committed, and Best-case. 

  • Understanding Deal value breakdown card
    Click the View Details button. This brings up the Deal value breakdown card. The card contains the total deal view breakdown in three categories– Won, Committed, and Best-case. 

  • Applying filters
    You can segregate deals based on owners, products, or deal values on the deal timeline view. 

  • Permissions for access
    The Deal timeline view is available for all users. However, the ability to commit to a deal is governed by Roles and Permissions. To configure the permissions, go to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > Roles, and scroll down to the Sales Forecast section. Click the checkbox to grant permissions for a role.