When it comes to planning the sales for a month, it is always helpful to plan ahead and go after deals that have a high probability of conversion. In the web application, you can ‘commit’ to these deals periodically and let your team and manager know your performance against the quota for the month or quarter. 

All sales quotas and forecasted revenues can be accessed from the Sales Forecast dashboard.

  • Committing to deals to meet quota (for Sales Representatives)
    Sales reps can commit to a deal based on the expected close date. 
    1. To commit to a deal, click the View Deals button. This brings up a slider where you will find a list of all deals that have been identified by Freddy as ‘Likely to close’ or ‘Trending’. These deals are identified by Freddy on the basis of sales activity patterns and deal characteristics.
    2. Click the Commit button. This commits the deal and adds to the commit field on your sales dashboard.

      You can also bulk select the deals. This brings up the bulk actions tray where you can update fields, reassign them, or even send an email to associated contacts.

      You can also commit to individual deals from the Deal details page. Or, if you are unsure about the deal, you can mark it as best-case from the forecast category field.

  • Overriding committed quota (for Managers)
    When committing to deals, sales representatives may opt to play safe and commit to only those deals they are very certain of. This means they may opt to commit to less than their quota. In such a situation, the Sales manager can override the committed forecast value and encourage the sales rep to commit to a higher value.

  • Viewing overridden quotas
    Whenever a manager overrides a quota, users can find the  icon associated with the committed value. The field is marked orange or green based on whether the original committed value is lower or higher. Users can click the icon. This brings up the Override log slider. This slider contains a timeline of all deal commits and the details of the deals. Users can discuss with the manager through the notes and discussions section.

  • Using Freddy to commit to promising deals
    Freddy uses a model developed based on past winnings and patterns to determine those deals that are likely to win in the next four weeks. Freddy tracks the activity on all deals in your web application and uses the same to assign tags and predict outcomes. Deals that are well-performing are tagged as either ‘Likely to Close’ or ‘Trending’. 

  • Permissions for access
    The functionality to commit deals and override commit and best case values is governed by the Roles and Permissions. To configure the permissions, go to Admin Settings > 
    Teams & Territories > Roles and scroll down to the Sales Forecast section. Click the checkbox to grant the requisite permissions for a role.