Your sales team can better concentrate their time and efforts on specific groups of consumers by segmenting users into territories. You can have users automatically assigned to a variety of contacts that are present in the web application by classifying users according to their sales competence. Sales managers can utilize territories to track the progress and activities of their sales representatives as well as the contacts in a given territory. 

To organize your team,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > Territories
  1. On the Territories list view page, click Create territory. The Create Territory overlay appears.

  1. Enter the Territory name, and add a description to define the territory under the "Territory details" tab.


  2. In the Users who can access records in this territory section, type in the name of the users and select them from the dropdown. You can also add entire teams to a territory.

  3. The selected users will show up in the bottom of the overlay along with their emails and roles. You can choose to remove a user from the territory by clicking on the three dots icon and selecting Remove from territory.

  4. Click Save to add the newly created territory.

Note: The users who have territory access can view and edit the contacts in the territory but they won’t be assigned as the owner to any of them. Refer this article for auto-assignment of owners to records

You can add an auto-assignment rule to the territory from the territory list view by clicking on the three dots icon near the newly created territory and selecting the option Create auto-assignment rule.