Use the phone widget from within your web application to make/receive calls. 

How to place a call?

  1. Hover on the name/phone number of a lead/contact. Click on the call dialler button.

  2. You can also click on the phone widget that appears on the left panel.

  3. Select your availability status from the top corner.

  4. Select the number from which you want to make or receive call.

  5. To place a call, search for the number or contact name using the search box and click on the call button. You can also use the dial pad at the bottom to enter the number.

What are the functions available inside the phone widget? 

You can see the following options inside your phone widget:

  1. Recent Activities: View the recent activities related to the caller.

  2. Add Call logs: Click the plus icon to add call logs.

  3. Notes/call tags: Click to add notes and call tags.

  4. Call transfer/conference: click to transfer calls to another or invite another agent to your call. For details, see How to activate transfer calls?

  5. Hold: Click on the pause icon to place your caller on hold.

  6. Mute: Click this icon to mute yourself.

  7. Dialpad: Click on the dialpad button to open the dialer to enter numbers. The dialpad is useful for entering the IVR keypress option when then agent you want to transfer your call to has an IVR set up.

  8. Voicemail drop: Use this to select and drop pre-recorded voicemail messages.

  9. Pause Recording: Click on the pause button to pause and resume the call recording.

How to add call logs?

Once you end a call, you can create call logs and associate the phone number with a new lead or contact.

To add call logs:

  1. Click on the plus icon visible at the top of your phone widget.
    The call log section opens within your phone widget.

  2. Select the outcome.

  3. Choose if you want to associate the number to an existing contact/deal or new contact/deal.

  4. Enter the name. If you associate the number to an existing contact/deal, select the name from the drop-down.

  5. Click on the call notes option and add notes. Also, click on the add call tags option and select a tag.

  6. Click Save.

    How to add call outcomes?

    To add a new call outcome, please navigate to Admin settings > Sales Activities > Phone > Add a new outcome.

Note: The ability to add a Call Log is governed by Roles and Permissions. When the call log permissions are revoked under roles, the user will not be able to find the option to add the call log on the Contact details page. To learn more, refer to this article.