Note: If you have signed up for your account after 24 April 2023, please visit the following article: Transferring Calls

During an ongoing call, you may sometimes feel that another agent in your team can answer your customer queries better or the customer may want to talk to a specific agent.

In such scenarios, you can transfer the call to any specific agent, an internal contact, an entire team, or an external number. You can also initiate a conference call and add another agent/supervisor to your existing call.

Types of transfer calls:

  • Warm Transfer
    A warm transfer can be initiated when an agent wants to have a brief conversation with another agent before transferring the call to the caller. This allows agent 1 to have a quick discussion with agent 2 and provide the necessary information about the customer's query.

  • Cold Transfer
    Unlike a warm transfer, an agent cannot talk to the second agent during the transfer. It immediately transfers the call to the customer.
    When you initiate a warm or cold transfer, the caller will be put on hold until the other agent resumes the call

To initiate a warm/cold transfer:

  1. During an ongoing call, click on the phone icon to see the agent names or teams who have active/online agents. You can search for the agents by team name or agent name.
    To see the active agents within a team, click on the drop-down option next to the team name. The number next to the team name indicates the number of active/online agents in that team.

  2. Warm Transfer
    To initiate a warm transfer, select the agent name, and click on the forward icon.
    Note that you can initiate a warm transfer only to individual agents within a team and not to the entire team. For this reason, the warm transfer icon will not be visible next to the team name.

  3. Cold Transfer
    To initiate a cold transfer, select the agent name and click on the phone icon.
    You can also select an entire team to initiate a cold transfer. In this case, all available agents in that particular team will receive the call, and anyone can choose to answer the call.
    For example, if you want to transfer the call to any agent in the US team, select the US team and click on the cold transfer icon.

  4. Once the agent answers the call, the customer on hold will be connected to the second agent, who is now the primary agent.
    If you initiate a warm transfer, you can disconnect the call after giving the necessary details. However, in case of a cold transfer, you will be disconnected immediately once the second agent answers the call.

Conference Call

In addition to transferring calls, you can also invite other agents to join your ongoing call conversation. This can be useful during escalations or when you want another agent to help you resolve customer queries.

Note: You can add only one agent to the call and cannot add teams.

To add another agent to a call:

  1. Click on the phone icon to see the agent names or teams who have active agents.

  2. Click on the add to call icon.