Note: If you have signed up for your account after 24 April 2023, please visit the following article: Configuring Call Actions

The Call Actions tab in the Numbers page allows you to define the actions to take when a call is received on a particular number. This ensures that each number in your account is associated with a set of automated call actions so that no calls you receive are missed. 

By default, all numbers you purchase are associated with a default Global Queue and have business hours set as 24x7. However, you can change these actions/rules according to your business requirements. 

To configure Call actions

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone > Phone Numbers. You can see the list of available numbers in your account. If you do not have any number, you can purchase a new number using the Buy New Number option.

  2. Select the number for which you want to set up call actions, and click on the edit icon. You will see the Properties and Call Actions tabs.

  3. Switch to the Call Actions tab. You can set rules for Incoming Calls and Outgoing Calls.

  4. Call Actions for Incoming Calls:
    1. Associate each number to a specific business hour and assign actions. You can choose the default 24x7 business hours or select the one available in your account. You can also create a new business hour.
    2. Select the actions you want to take during the business hours, outside business hours, and during the holiday. The options are:
      • Send to call queue: Select this option to route the call to a call queue. You can select a queue from the list of available in your account or create a new call queue.

      • Send to IVR Menu: Select this option to route the call to an IVR menu. You can select an IVR name from the list available in your account or create a new IVR menu.

      • Send to Voicemail: Select this option to play a prerecorded voice message to your customers. You can select from the list of messages available in your account or create a new message.

      • Send to Agent Extension: Select this option to route the call to an agent extension call flow. You can select a flow from the list available in your account or create a new agent extension flow.

      • Hangup: If you do not want to take any action, you can choose to hang up the call with a hangup message. This can be used for configuring calls outside your business hours or during holidays.

  5. Call Actions for Outgoing Calls
    Select who can make outgoing calls from this number. You can choose to allow this option for everyone in your account, or a specific team or agent.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Note: The options Actions outside business hours and during holiday appear  only if you configure the corresponding setting in the business hours. For details, see Configuring Your Business Hours.