SIP helps you connect an IP enabled external phone device with the web application's phone settings. With SIP, you can now forward your incoming calls coming to ring on your external phone (hard phone or a softphone).

Let’s say your team of call center agents have a SIP hard phone or softphone installed and want to use these to attend to customer calls occasionally in addition to using the phone widget. You can forward calls to ring on the physical phone or the softphone app on your system using the SIP connectivity.

  1. Login to the web application.

  2. Go to Admin Settings → Channels Phone → SIP Phones.

  3. Click New SIP credentials.

  4. Click on the Agent drop-down and enter the agent's name to active SIP credential for that user.
    If you want to enable SIP for all the agents in your account, click on the new SIP credentials on the dialog box that appears on the SIP Phones screen.
    When you click this option, All Agents will be automatically selected under the Agent drop-down.

    Note: For each new person added to the account, the admin needs to activate SIP access on top of the normal access.

  5. Select if you want the agents to receive call on SIP phone.

  6. Click Add new SIP credentials. You can see the agent's name on the screen.

  7. When you hover over the user’s name, you will see additional icons:

    • Edit: click this to edit the SIP user details

    • Resend: Click this to resend SIP credentials

    • Delete: Click this to delete the user name.


1) The SIP credentials sent to each user’s email is specific to the web application's login. i.e. An agent should not use the SIP login credentials sent to another agent’s email.

2) To receive calls over SIP, each agent needs to set their Receiving on SIP phone status to Yes.

3) As an admin, you can only use the New SIP credentials option to activate users who have not been given the SIP access before. You cannot use this option to add or resend SIP credentials to an already active user. For the users who are already added to the list of SIP active users, resend credentials from under the SIP phones section.

For example, consider a scenario where Curtis Stone, Jamie Oliver, and Kate Winslet are the users listed under the SIP phones section. This means, these users already have their SIP activated. Now if you click on the New SIP credentials button and try searching for Curtis, Jamie, or Kate, they won’t show up. So remember that the New SIP credentials option is only to activate the SIP  of new agents who aren’t listed under the SIP phones section already.