Note: If you have signed up for your account after 24 April 2023, please visit the following article: Customizing ringtones for your numbers

Ringtones set the tone and mark the first touchpoint for your inbound calls. You can create and use custom ringtones for each number in your account. When customers call, they will hear the custom ringtone instead of the default dialer tune.

  1. Log in to the web application.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone. You can see the list of available numbers in your account. If you do not have any number, you can purchase a new number using the Buy New Number option.

  3. Hover over the number for which you want to set the custom ringtone and click on the edit icon. You will see the Properties tab.

  4. From the custom ringtone drop-down, select the tune or message you want to play as the ringtone. 

  5. If you do not have any message, click on the New Message option and follow the on-screen instructions.

  6. Click Save Changes.