Code Library is a collection of libraries in different languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, and PHP, that you can use to integrate your website with your web application. Simply choose one of the libraries based on the language you've used for your website and install it. Upon successful installation, Code Library would begin identifying your website visitors, capture them as contacts, track the pages they've viewed along with their activities like downloading a whitepaper, etc. 

Website visitors are captured as contacts when they fill a web form on your website and provide their email addresses. It could be a sign-up form, a subscription form to your newsletter, forms for webinar registration, etc. The fields in these forms need to be present in your web application for the data to get populated under the respective contact. Code Library, lets you create custom fields for those fields that aren't present in your account. So, you don't have to log in to your web application and add custom fields to receive the data in those fields. 

Also, depending on your sales process and business requirements you can select individual web forms and capture website visitors as contacts (or both) respectively. For example, if you'd like those who subscribe to your newsletter to be added as contacts while you'd like to have those who sign up to be added as contacts, it is possible with the Code Library.

To begin capturing website visitors as contacts,

  1. Install the library on your website by copying the snippet.

  2. Identify the fields in all the web forms in your website. Only the web forms that require the visitors' email address would be eligible to capture contacts. 

  3. Make sure that the fields present in the web form exist under the Contact fields in your web application.  If they don't, you'd need to create custom fields for the same. You can add custom fields through the library installed on your website. For example, if your web form has a field called Years of experience, you'd need to check if that field is available in your web application. If it isn't, then you can create a custom field for Years of experience when you install the library.

When visitors get added as contacts, the following occurs, - All the activities of the visitor on your website, is tracked and populated in the Activities timeline of the contact in your web application. This includes the activities of the visitors before they filled a web form and were added as contacts.