The best way to get your emails inside the web application would be to connect your mailbox (via IMAP) under profile settings. But, if you are sending an email to your contacts from a different mail client and would like to bring those emails into the web application, you can simply forward them to your web application email address. 

This can be done at one of two levels. Every account in the web application is provided with an email address that is unique to the account. Similarly, every user is provided a forwarding address. You can choose between sending the email to your account's Team Inbox or your own Inbox.

  • Team Inbox-level: This is an account-level sales email address. Emails forwarded to this address are available under the Team Inbox. Here’s how you can find this address:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Email > Create contacts from email

  2. Find the sales email address and copy the same.

    Pasting this email address in Cc or Bcc or forwarding to it sends a copy of the email to the Team inbox of the web application. If the email is already present in the system, the email is associated with the contact. For emails that are not present in the system, you can opt to create a new contact with predetermined Lifecycle stages.

  • Inbox-level: This is a user-level sales email address. Emails forwarded to this address are available under the user's Inbox under the Conversations tab. This address can be used to forward any email outside the crm which is to be recorded under the contact page. Here’s how you can do them:

  1. Click on Profile settings and click Settings. This opens up the Personal Settings page.

  2. Click Email Settings. This presents with a host of options to configure your email preferences.

  3. Head to the row titled “FORWARD YOUR EMAILS TO”. Here, you’ll find a text field filled with an email address that follows the format

  4. Click the Copy button. This copies the email address. Paste this email address under Bcc or recipient for any email that you are composing and send the email.  

If you’d like to receive all your emails in the web application, you can simply auto-forward your emails from your email account to the web application email address. 

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