When your customers, who are spread across the globe take a lot of time to reply to your emails (or don’t reply at all), chances are that they received your email outside their working hours. In the web application, you can send emails from one region to recipients in other regions by scheduling them in advance. This ensures that the email reaches them at a time that is totally at their convenience and thus prepares you for better customer engagement over emails. 

To schedule an email, begin by composing an email from the New mail overlay and click Schedule email.

  1. By default, the email is scheduled for the date and time at which you composed it.

  2. You can pick a desired date and time from the date picker.

  1. Additionally, you can even choose the time zone of your recipient(s) from the dropdown menu to send the email to them at the chosen time in their time zone.

Say you’re from Canada and would like to send an email to someone in Paris. You want the email to reach them at 10:00 AM on April 11th. All you’ve got to do is, select the date and time using the date picker and choose (GMT +01:00) Paris from the time zone dropdown. 

  1. Click  to save the time and when you’re done hit Send later to send the email at the scheduled


A message is displayed to show that your email has been scheduled successfully.

To cancel a schedule, you can go to the recent conversations section and cancel the schedule of the email.


Note: When you view scheduled emails, the scheduled time on the emails would be with respect to your time zone. So if you're in Canada and have scheduled an email for 10:00 AM on April 11th in (GMT +01:00) Paris, the scheduled time on the email would be 4:00 AM on April 11th (which is the equivalent time in your time zone).