Email Templates help you save time while dealing with repetitive emails. You can use these pre-formatted email templates from the Templates dropdown while composing a new email (or sending bulk emails) and also while replying to one. 

To use the email templates, 

  1. Open a new compose window or reply to an email. 

  2. Select the required template from the Use template dropdown. You can also search for email templates by name or tags.

  3. You can edit the email content, add links and placeholders, and attach files, but these changes won’t be saved in the template.

    You can make changes to templates only from the Admin settings page for Email Templates.

  4. Click .

You can find the emails along with their status in the Sales Conversations tab and under Recent Conversations of a record.

  1. Placeholders won’t be available when you click the Send an email button on the Quick Actions bar, unless you’re in the lead/contact details page.
  2. If you’re sending an email using email templates that contains placeholders, remove them before you hit Send.  

How to export a list of commonly used email templates:

To export the number of times your email templates were used, you can use the Subject of your email template as the filter in Analytics as shown in the screenshot below:

To look at immediate metrics you can make use of the email template metrics readily available under the email templates section: