You can associate contacts of multiple companies to a single deal in the web application. 

This is to ensure that relevant sales opportunites are linked with your contacts for easy access and identificaiton.

Let us assume that you create a deal with the Account TJ & Sons. This deal involves the collaboration of two contacts Laura from the same company and Henry from a partner company, Madison Inc. In this case, you can associate both the contacts with the deal. Here’s how:

  1. Click the + button and choose Deal. The 'ADD DEAL' overlay appears.

  2. In the Related Contacts field, search for Laura and click the contact to associate with the account. Similarly, search for the other contact from the search box and click the contact. 

  3. Enter the account in the Account Name dropdown and choose the account to which you want to associate with the deal. In this case, that would be TJ & Sons.

  4. Fill in the Deal name, value, and other required fields. 

  5. Click Save. Both the contacts would be associated with the deal.


  1. You can create a new contact right from the Add deal form. 
    1. Enter the name of the new contact and click Create new Contact
    2. Enter contact details and click Add.